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Learning support at CONCORDIA Multifunctional Centre Tîrnova, Republic of Moldova

Moldau | since January 2023 | CONCORDIA
The CONCORDIA Multifunctional Centre (MFC) Tîrnova in the north of the country is one of the many CONCORDIA centres in the Republic of Moldova. The main objective of the MFC is primarily to ensure the social protection of the community residents in order to overcome precarious situations and improve their quality of life. Supervision is provided by a multidisciplinary CONCORDIA team consisting of educators, social workers and a psychologist. The team also conducts outreach social work in the surrounding communities in order to reach even more people. The MFC Tîrnova also offers in-patient crisis interventions for children and mothers who have experienced abuse and/ or violence.

One of the many services offered at the Tîrnova Multifunction Centre includes extracurricular homework assistance and learning support for children and young people. This educational component is funded by the Beurer Foundation in 2023.

  • CONCORDIA Multifunktionszentrum Tîrnova, Republik Moldau
  • CONCORDIA Multifunktionszentrum Tîrnova, Republik Moldau
  • CONCORDIA Multifunktionszentrum Tîrnova, Republik Moldau
Currently, 20 children and young people aged 7 to 18 are cared for and supported outside school at the MFC Tîrnova. A further 15 children and young people live temporarily in the crisis centre and also take part in the learning supervision. The aim of this pedagogical support is to increase the development possibilities and educational opportunities of the participants in the program and to prevent early school leaving as much as possible.
CONCORDIA Multifunktionszentrum Tîrnova, Republik Moldau
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